Patients are seen by appointment. An appointment can be made by calling 716-592-4166 or 716-592-4167.

When making an appointment, please state the reason for your visit (problem or routine annual) so that we can allocate appropriate time for your visit. In the event of an emergency, we will see you the same day, or direct you to the emergency room for evaluation if the situation calls for such care. Please take traffic and travel time into consideration when making your appointment.

New patients, coming to the office first time, may print and fill in a patient history and patient registration forms before coming to office. If you are an established patient and are coming for a problem or a periodic visit, you may use “periodic visit” form. Please bring the filled form with you to the office. You can find these “forms” in the “Forms” section of this website. Please always bring all your current medicines or a list of all current medicines with correct doses with you when you come to office. Also, please bring your health insurance card(s) with you to the office.

If you are late for the appointment we will make every effort to see you, but in some cases your appointment may need to be rescheduled. If you need to reschedule your appointment, we appreciate notice as far in advance as possible. A “no show fee” of $25/- may be charged if a patient does not show up for a scheduled appointment without giving prior notice, specially if the patient had been reminded about the appointment or if such occurrences are repetitive and without an appropriate reason.

If you need lab work, mammogram, ultrasound or bone density scan, we will provide medical forms needed to schedule the above.

Subsequent Follow Up:

If your results are abnormal and require some explanation or discussion you will
receive a phone call from your medical provider or a staff member. Your results take some
time to process – you may expect that they will be available in the following
timeframes (may be slightly longer around the holidays).

” Pap Smears: 2-3 weeks after your appointment
” Biopsies: 10-14 business days after your appointment
” Blood work: 10-14 business days after your appointment

If two weeks have passed since your office visit, or about one week since you had any tests or procedures done in an outside lab or a facility, such as a radiology center, please call our office to check on the reports. Even if you have been given a report from a lab or radiology center, for example, even if you have been given a mammogram report, please still call the office to discuss report. This serves two purposes; it confirms that you had the tests/procedures and that we should have the results, as otherwise, in case we do not have the results, we do not know if you did not go for the test or that the report was lost in mail,  was sent to a wrong  office or is delayed for some other reason. We can get the report by contacting the facility. It also gives us a chance to review the report with you.

It is the office policy to schedule a follow up appointment to discuss all biopsy reports. This is the only definite way to avoid any miscommunication or lack of communication.