The office accepts and participates with many major health insurances available in this area. It is not possible to keep track of all the insurance carriers, various different kinds of contracts offered by these insurance carriers, different combinations of deductibles and co-pays and various fee schedules, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you should make yourself familiar with your insurance coverage, find and keep a list of participating providers, laboratories, etc., and ask your carrier any specific questions you may have regarding your coverage, co-pay, co-insurance, deductibles, etc.

The contract you have with your insurance carrier is a choice you make with your insurance carrier. Payment for services provided to you by medical providers, laboratories, etc., is your responsibility. As a courtesy to our patients, we bill their insurances on their behalf, for the services we provide to our patients. As each insurance company has many different fee schedules, and as it is not possible to keep track of all these all the time, we bill the same fee for a procedure to all different insurances. Any co-pays, co-insurances and deductibles, etc. need to be paid by you, the patient. Co-payments are required to be paid at the time of your visit. In addition to cash and checks, we also accept MasterCard & VISA.
We would like to serve everyone. If you do not carry insurance or if your insurance is one that we do not accept or the insurance excludes certain conditions / procedures (for example procedures related to infertility treatment like tubal reversal), we can still provide you service. In that situation, your financial responsibility will have to be met directly by yourself. Office staff can give you information about the fees related to specific procedures and office visits. Fees billed at the time of service, like for office visits and office procedures are required to be paid at the time of the visit. Prenatal care and delivery services (whether it is vaginal delivery or c-section) and various surgical procedures are usually billed as bundled services after the procedures are done and it is not always possible to know what all procedures will need to be billed and the amount to be billed. Therefore, it is possible that final bill may be different than the initial estimate. A deposit is required at the initiation of care for such services. If you acquire (obtain / purchase) insurance during the course of prenatal care, then your insurance may cover some part of the services provided; in that case you may or may not be eligible to get part of the deposit back based on what your insurance may or may not cover. Also please understand that the above fees and deposits do not include any payments for the tests which you may need to have done through this office or an-other office or any outside laboratory or any hospital, etc. These fees and deposit do not include fees or charges that you may be billed for services provided by any other provider/physician or provider in any other department for example anesthesia department or ER physicians or hospital laboratories, outpatient services or any other hospital charges of any kind.

Billing for Laboratory procedures: All laboratory procedures are billed separately from your office visit by the establishment that provides the service.

Decoding Your Coverage:

Deductibles are paid out of pocket each year before insurance kicks in. Each family
member usually has a separate deductible. Some of these plans include High
Deductibles or Medical Savings Accounts.
Co Payments are flat fees charged each time you visit the doctor or use any medical
service, regardless of the cost of the procedure
Coinsurance requires you to pay a percentage of the total cost of the care. Many plans
require either co-insurance or co-pay but some charge both.
Maximum out of pocket expense is the most you’ll have to spend before all of your
medical bills are covered.