Bowel Prep Using GoLyte

The following steps need to be adhered to in order for the bowel to be sufficiently cleaned:

All preparation is to be done the day before surgery.

Have a clear liquid breakfast and lunch and dinner.
Clear liquid diet includes clear broth, plain Jell-O (no red Jell-O), coffee, tea, juices (apple, orange, grape, cranberry, grapefruit, etc with no pulp), sugar or artificial sweeteners, soda pop of any kind, Gatorade, Kool-aid, 7-up, soups which are strained so that only broth remains, Italian ices or Popsicles (no sherbet), hard candy.
Do not drink milk or cream or eat any solid food while on this diet. Regularly used medications such as digitalis, blood pressure medications, etc. may be continued.

Purchase Golyte from over the counter at your pharmacy and refrigerate it.

1. On the day before surgery at 11:30AM take Reglan (one tab of 10mg by mouth).

2. Starting 12:00 noon on drink one glass of Golyte every ten minutes and finish the whole jug in two (2) hours. Refrigerate Golyte – makes it easier to consume. Do not mix Golyte with any powders such as ice tea mix or Kool-aide, etc. Must finish drinking Golyte within two (2) hours to be effective.

3. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight before surgery (except the medications which are taken daily in the morning, may use only minimum amount of water for swallowing the medicine).